ÓVecinosÓ (Fest-cut)                 

 (c) 2004-2005

This is a shortened documentary on artists living and working inChicagoŐs Pilsen Latino community. In this sequence of intimate vignettes,viewers
 witness ordinary people ascharismatic, passionate, talented, and charming individuals. Nelson reminds usthat our inconspicuous neighbors are often more intriguing and glamorous thanany fabricated icon produced by popular culture.

tists in order of Appearance                               Details
                                    MiguelCortez                                                                             Genre             Documentary

Elvia Rodriguez                                                       Director                      Mark Nelson

Jesus Macarena-Avila                                                            Producer                   Mark Nelson

Gabriel Villa                                                                                   FinalCut                    Mark Nelson

Ricardo and Juan Compean                                               Music                          Eric Noden

Pete Rodriguez                                    

Hector Duarte                                                                                        

Diana Solis                                                                                    Language                  English and Spanish                         

Esperanza Gama                                                                       AudienceRating      G (General)

Tim Arroyo                                                                                    RunningTime           29:59:11 minutes

Liliana Perez-Reynolds                                                         Country                      USA

Maria Gaspar

Francisco Mendoza

Mark Nelson

Eric Noden