Stone Academy


The Architectural Landscape

El Paisaje Arquitectónico

Under the direction of Nelson's art program, students have turned an otherwise crypt-like building (typical of aging public schools) into a fascinating environment that captures the spirit and imagination.


Bajo dirección del programa del arte de Nelson, los estudiantes han
dado vuelta de otra manera cripta-como el edificio (típico de
escuelas públicas del envejecimiento) en un ambiente fascinador que
captura el alcohol y la imaginación.


Directed by Mark Nelson and David Nelson, Carved by 7th and 8th Grade students, and Sponsored by Argyle Stone Company and Prairie Materials

600 lb carved limestone form on 7000 lb mosaic cement pour. Donated cement solicited by Mrs. Robert Meyer-LSC from Prairie Materials.Raw limestone donated by Argyle Stone Company of Morton Grove, Illinois.

Mosaic Relief Arch directed and installed by Mark Nelson and Huma Al Karim, 7th Grade students construction and garden-in-part, sponsored by Oppenheimer Family Foundation

Tsing Pavillion, MIG weld and construction by Mark Nelson, technical direction by David Nelson and John Aducci-SAIC Metalshop, cement foundation donated by Mr. Robert Meyer LSC, landscaping by Stone Academy Students

Stone Blues Review-Mosaic Mural, Directed by Mark Nelson, designed and fabricated by 5th, 6th, and 8th grade students and their teachers. Installation by Mark Nelson, Anna Kong, Matt Robinson, Linda Duk Ju Kim, Gabriel Villa, Ben Diller

100 feet x 8 feet Mosaic ceramic tile Mural sponsored by Oppenheimer Family Foundation, Chicago Foundation for Education, Illinois Arts Council, International Blues Foundation-House of Blues, Chicago Public Schools, Blues in the School Program-Mayor's Office of Special Events, Faculty and Staff of Stone Academy, 100 Stone Academy Alumni, and the Chicago Public Schools-Bureau of Cultural Arts

Detail of 8th grade student panels for Blues Mural

Stone installation and finished Council circle-student work in progress, sponsored by Botanical Gardens. Additional plants by Green Corps and trees donated by Dr George Ware-Morton Arboretum. Some assistance by parent volunteers

WPA Style Geography Murals-4 Acrylic Paintings on Canvas at 8 x 6 feet each by 7th grade students, directed by Mark Nelson, sponsored by the Oppenheimer Family Foundation, stretchers by Steve Meyers-SAIC Woodshop

Dance Mobile - 33 foot brass, copper, aluminum construction by 1st and 8th Grade students directed by Mark Nelson, & classroom teachers-Rita Federman, Marla Goldberg,Tina Below, dance residency by Laurie Macklin-CACT, sponsored Chicago Arts Collaborative for Teachers and Chicago Foundation for Education

New Years Dragon - 35 foot fire retardant fabric sculpture with paper mache' head and wire hoop body armature. Directed by Mark Nelson, designed and constructed by Stone Academy students 4th - 8th Grade, technical assistance from Mrs Ramsey- Parent, sponsored by Stone Academy

Detail of Mobiles - Figures designed and cut out by first graders with armatures constructed and arranged by 8th grade mentors

Detail of Dragon Head-paper mache' construction by 4th grade, directed by Michelle McCoy-apprentice teaching School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Scientific Rainbow Mural - 25 x 5 foot Acrylic Paint on Masonite panel constructions by student afterschool muralists.

"Mural of Cultural Harmony," Panel 1/22 "Assyrian", acrylic paint on masonite, 7th/8th Grade painters, co-directed by Mark Nelson and Anna Kong, sponsored by Neighborhood Art Program Grant-Dept. of Cultural Affairs and Drug Free Program


Panel 2/22 "Panama Canal"

Panel 3/22 "First Americans"

Hindi Peace (ceramic) Mosaic - directed by Mark Nelson/5th Graders' tribute mural to their deceased classmate.

"Jazz Mural" designed and completed by Class of 2012 & 2013. Masonite donations from Stone Parents.