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Mr. Whitey's Wild Ride - Disco Gazebo - Red Line

50 x 13 x 12 ft (Disney souvenirs,cardboard,paint,wood,electric lights and soundtracks)

Crux Gallery, Chicago (click on image for video footage)

50 x 13 x 12 pies (los recuerdos de Disney, cartulina, pintura,
madera, luces eléctricas y soundtracks)hosted por Crux Gallery,

Side view

"DiscoGazebo," 20 x 30 x 20 feet, (plastic, lights, and paint) performance space hosted by Roberto Valadez-APO Building Studio, Chicago.

"DiscoGazebo," 20 x 30 x 20 pies, (plástico, luces, y pintura) espacio del funcionamiento recibido por el estudio del edificio de Roberto Valadez-Valadez-APO, Chicago.

Disco Gazebo

APO Building - 18th St,


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"Red Line," 13 x 8 x 45 feet (cardboard,canvas,found objects,lights/sound.paint) Feral Dog Gallery, Chicago.

"línea roja," 13 x 8 x 45 pies (la cartulina, lona, encontró los objetos, lights/sound.paint) de galería salvaje del perro, Chicago.

Red Line

Feral Dog Gallery, Chicago