Mentoring Art

I became a teaching artist based on the compassion, talent, and knowledge that was given to me by my own teachers in school as well as colleagues. From this journey I dedicated myself to mentoring others to not only repay a priceless debt, but to continue learning as my students grew with me." Through my teaching career I was able to mentor numerous student teachers from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's art education program as well as student teachers from additional universities in the city. As I mentored young teachers I was slso given the opportunity to take classes in digital media that expanded my own repertoire in media into my own personal art making in the studio. An education not only provides liberatiion but it also challenges one to go the distance on exploration. 

 An art education is an opportunity to universally communicate, technologically advance, socially nurture, and empower the human spirit, while developing vocations of craft, media, and discipline.

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Teacher of Distinction 2008 (LINK)

OPPY Award Teacher 2013

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Oppenheimer Family Foundation