The Journey


Mark Nelson was raised extensively overseas with his family. His early childhood residencies involved adapting to new surroundings as one of several children in a Navy family. Nelson’s early artwork in Panama was forged in the tropically lush landscape and culturally rich demographics of Central America. In 1984 Nelson arrived to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where his media repertoire was broadened and challenged. Over the years, Nelson has established himself within the Pilsen community of Chicago as a laboring artist, activist and teacher. His Gringolandia Studio on 21st Street became his permanent residence and workplace in 1998.

Mark Nelson se crió extensamente en el extranjero con su familia. Sus residencias de la primera infancia implicaron la adaptación a un nuevo entorno como uno de varios niños en una familia de la Armada. Las primeras obras de arte de Nelson en Panamá se forjaron en el exuberante paisaje tropical y la demografía culturalmente rica de América Central. En 1984 Nelson llegó a la Escuela del Instituto de Arte de Chicago, donde su repertorio de medios se amplió y desafió. Con los años, Nelson se ha establecido dentro de la comunidad de Pilsen en Chicago como un artista, activista y profesor laborioso. Su estudio Gringolandia en 21st Street se convirtió en su residencia permanente y lugar de trabajo en 1998.



Manual Labor on the Panama Canal

Miraflores Locks 1978

Treasure Hunting in Panama

Playa Pina, Fort San Lorenzo 1982

Community Theater

Ancon Theater Guild, Panama 1982

Landscape Painting

Hills of Campana, Panama 1983

Mural Painting in Panama

Lidice, Capira - Panama 1985

SAIC 1984-86

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Transit - 1987

Prairie Avenue Gallery, Chicago

UIC 1986-88

University of Illinois at Chicago

N.a.m.e. Re-Membered Performance